As the coast of Maine gets blasted with blizzard conditions, staying away from the coast is good idea. The power of nature is dangerous but also stunning to see. Luckily, you can watch the power of the latest storm to hit Maine, live at home curled up in a blanked drinking hot chocolate.

One of the most iconic views in Maine is at Nubble Lighthouse in York. The nearly 130-year-old lighthouse is viewed by thousands of visitors each year from the shores of Nubble Point. You don't want to be there today.

The Town of York Parks and Recreation maintains the lighthouse and has four webcams that stream live video of the lighthouse and surrounding area. Two of those cameras are offline as of this writing, but camera 4 and camera 2 are up. Click on the images below to view each live stream.

Camera 4 shows the lighthouse itself through the blowing snow.


Town of York Parks and Recreation


And camera 2 shows the waves of the ocean crashing on the rocks below.


Town of York Parks and Recreation