Winter doesn't always have to be depressing in Maine, it can also be silly too!

One of my favorite web surfing activities everyday, is checking out Reddit, specifically Maine Reddit. I always find something that either interests me, or amuses me. From crazy state vanity plates, to funny videos, there always is a lot to check out, so now seems like it might be a good time to take a look at some of the entertaining videos posted recently.

Vormsion put a clip of something that we can all relate to...falling on your rear end on ice or snow! We have all done it, but this person had the guts to post it for all of us to enjoy.

XKalbee came up with a creative way to clear the ice off his passenger side window, Cobra Kai style. The Way of The Fist, indeed! However, on the safety tip, maybe this is something you should not try on your own. Could be dangerous.

AllEliteAdvantage recorded dashcam video of one of the worst lane changes I have ever seen, hands down.

JoyKil01 put up a clip of two very cute pups enjoying the snow in Maine!

DOOMsday also recorded some dashcam video of something we all love to do, drive in the snow. Ugh

BurrGaming captured some great footage of the spectacular lights at the Gardens Aglow, in Boothbay. It is worth the drive to take in this breathtaking event. It runs through New Year's Day!

Listeners Show Us Their Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Pictures

When we decided to ask to see our listeners Christmas trees displays, we got a huge response, so we figured that Elf on the Shelf pictures from all of you would be a great idea too!

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