We are putting in an in-ground pool, and the cast of characters associated with its construction is entertaining. My excavator, Jeff, is right on top of everything and has talked me down from the ledge several times. When he's not solving problems and moving rock around, he's telling me hilarious stories.

Jeff's wife, Krista, is a well-respected lunch lady, and I'm pretty sure that pinkie swears are in effect, so I can't share her camping stories. Let's just say that she's probably my spirit animal.

To thank Jeff for the amazing job that he's doing, we bought him a bottle of Jameson whiskey, and to apologize to Krista for keeping him working at our house when he should have been upta' camp with her, we gave her a bottle of Pink Moscato.

The two of them stopped by on Sunday to pick up his truck, so we had a moment to visit and give them their presents. We had the whole, "What did you do this weekend?" conversation, and they got so excited to share the news that they will be grandparents and that there had been a wonderful gender reveal party for their son's and his girlfriend's baby.

Krista took out her phone to proudly share the video. I thought that maybe they did one of those cakes that you cut into that shows pink for a girl and blue for a boy, or maybe a box filled with gender revealing balloons-nope.

This is what she shared:

Congratulations to Nicole Harlow and Justin Sawyer of Dayton. Thanks to Justin's sharp shooting we now know that they are having a little girl!

Justin used a high powered rifle to shoot boxes of tanarite and colored chalk to reveal the cloud of pink announcing the baby's gender.

If you watch carefully, you'll see that a bush actually caught fire in the background, now that's a party.

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