The Patriots won their 8th straight on Sunday against the Bills in Buffalo. Here's a Pats Fun Fact for your day; since 2002 no other NFL quarterback has had more wins in Buffalo...including any BILLS' quarterbacks. And TB12 only plays there one time a year! The 23-3 win was not without, um, frustration, shall we say. Tom went OFF on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels early on when McDaniels chastised Brady for missing an open receiver:



The two quickly recovered on the sidelines and after the game, Brady said: "it's just football."


We saw this on the sidelines later in the game. We're not sure if this is also Tom is frustration mode or some sort of exercise that is reserved for G.O.A.T.s



Meanwhile, Gronk had some frustration of his own which resulted in a WWE-type move on a Bill player.

To his credit, Gronk did apologize,,,,


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