We just had our home appraised in Westbrook. So to be honest with you, today's menu was actually quite selfishly done for me and my fam. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and attract a "Really Big Number" for us as we refinance. Fingers crossed.

Anyway now that I've confessed, we do hope you enjoyed today's selections on the WBLM Classic Lunch Hour.

Here's what we played!

The "Really Big Numbers!" Menu:

"5150" - Van Halen / "One In A Million" - The Romantics / "10538 Overture" - Electric Light Orchestra / "2000 Light Years From Home" - The Rolling Stones / "1984" - David Bowie / "2112" - Rush / "5:15" - The Who / "Forty Thousand Headmen" - Traffic / " One After 909" - The Beatles / "867-5309/Jenny" - Tommy Tutone / "Eight Miles High" - The Byrds /  "Billion Dollar Babies" - Alice Cooper (Had to do that one! Can't wait for Celeste's Dirty 30 Bash with Uncle Alice on Saturday!)

Tomorrow it's another "All-Live Outta The Archives" Menu. That's what we do on Fridays in the summah!

Join us in the Rock and Roll Diner from noon to one for the WBLM Classic Lunch Hour.

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