Someone told us today that they had heard that Billy Crystal once worked for WBLM. It's one of many stories we get from time to time about the legendary Blimp. Like...That way back in the '70's  Howard Stern came to Maine for an interview with WBLM but did not get the job. (TRUE). That several Stephen King stories mention WBLM (ALSO TRUE). That WBLM actually stands for We Believe in the Legalization of Marijuana (PLEAD THE 5TH). And that at one point in time every single person in the state of Maine actually had visited the Blimp trailer in Litchfield (MAYBE?).

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Actually, Billy Crystal DID work for WBLM. In the movies. Remember City Slickers from 1991? Billy played a Radio Sales Executive that worked for...WBLM! Here's the classic Classroom Scene where he talked about the wild and wonderful world of WBLM radio sales. Pay attention to the BLM mention!

The funny backstory on this is that during filming, someone working for the production company called us asking if they could use our call letters. We said, "sure for $50,000." Then they said, " that's ok, we can find another radio station in the film." Then we said..." no no no., it's all good. You can use it for free. Just give us a free screening." Deal done!

The other funny story is that one of the WBLM owners at the time, the legendary JJ Jeffrey, did not know that we had done this for City Slickers. He was in the theatre on the West Coast the first week of the release and lo and behold, his radio station was on the big screen. Surprise, JJ!


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