Of course, it has to be Van Halen.  It's a very special stop on our WBLM Saturday Night Concert Tour. We are still mourning the death of Eddie Van Halen and we're playing everything we've got from EVH in the legendary Blimp Archives. Get ready to help us pay tribute to one of Rock's greatest guitar gods as we bring out an epic Van Halen performance from 1986. Sammy is at the helm for this infamous show from New Haven. Maybe you were there! We've got a killer recording of it.




Van Halen was good to Maine and came her 10 times during their career. The first in 1978 opening for Black Sabbath. The last time in 2015 in Bangor. We were proud to have been the presenting radio station for every one of them!


We are playing a Van Hagar show so, in the interest of equal time, enjoy this David Lee Roth era Van Halen....



So Saturday Night- 7pm. Crank up the Blimp and toast THE KING!   EVH Forever!


David Ivy
David Ivy

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