Tropical storm Isaias left over 100,000 CMP customers without power overnight, a number that News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson didn't expect to see. One person who commented on his Facebook page had the perfect, and hilarious answer to why there were so many.

Keith wrote a blog post on the News Center Maine website on Monday about his thoughts on what Isaias would bring to Maine. He called for an inch or two of rain and wind gusts between 45 and 50 mph for Southern Maine. That's exactly what we got. He also predicted how much of a threat those wind gusts would be to power lines.

"I'd say this shouldn't lead to all that many power outages; but I've learned that around here predicting power outages is MUCH more difficult than predicting the weather itself," he wrote.

He was right about outages being hard to predict too, because come Wednesday morning there were over 100,000 Central Maine Power customers in the dark. Now before you go saying, "Being a meteorologist is the only job in the world where you get paid to be wrong," stop. Talk to me when you can accurately predict the future every single day. Meteorologists are right far more often then they are wrong because science. Keith nailed everything about Isaias and even suggested that he could be wrong about the power outages.

Let me step down off the soapbox and get back to what you're here for.

Keith posted to his Facebook page today about how having 100K power outages with winds mostly in the 40mph range was a mystery to him. A guy by the name of Jack Kelly responded in the comments with the perfect answer to the mystery:

"Simple: 2020 wind gusts only need to be above 5 MPH to knock out power to millions."

So true. So. True.

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