As Portland prices have skyrocketed over the past several years, surrounding cities have seen more and more development come their way. Two of those cities are Westbrook and Gorham. But there's become an increasing challenge to the desirability of both of these cities on the rise...traffic. Which is why we need to talk about this intersection in Westbrook is causing more problems than it is solving anything.

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The intersection is question exists where William Clarke Drive (Route 25) meets Saco Street in Westbrook. From the Portland/Westbrook town line all the way until this particular intersection, William Clarke Drive is a two-lane road. But for whatever reason, Westbrook city planners decided turn this portion of the two-lane road into a one lane road with a left hand turning lane. And if you've traveled this section of Westbrook during rush hour, you've seen the results. They aren't pretty.

On any given rush hour day, you'll see people buzzing up the left lane and cutting people off to get into the right lane. While traffic slows down to gridlock, road rage begins to boil. Something new that I've personally witnessed more than a dozen times just last week, is people going straight on the left hand turn green light. Technically they're running a red light, but apparently it's worth the risk for them to beat the traffic.

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So what can be done? Well, it seems unlikely Westbrook is going to widen this section of William Clarke Drive to continue the two-lane flow. My suggestion would be to time the green turn arrow with the green light to head straight. This next intersection is also a large hub for those that live in newer developments along the Westbrook/Gorham line. It would help de-clog the gridlock and couldn't be any less safe than what happens daily along William Clarke Drive.

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