Maine was recently listed among the "Worst Deer Hunting States in America." Really? Their reasoning is cringe-worthy to seasoned Maine deer hunters.

It seems some hunters from "away" can't wrap their mind around hunting in Maine. According to, Maine ranks among the worst states for deer hunting. Their list puts Maine at # 4, with Vermont at # 3.

Here's what they said about hunting in Maine:

In 2013, Maine didn't report the percentage of successful hunters, and we don't blame them. Chasing whitetails in the vast woods and deep snow of the northeastern state presents a great challenge that few whitetail hunters will ever experience.

But its lowest antlerless-deer-per-square-mile ranking (0.2), low average temperature (41 degrees),high annual snowfall (62 in), and large yearling buck harvest (54 percent) mean that it's perhaps too much of challenge for many.

Okay, we'll give them the yearling buck part. However, environmental factors we won't give a pass on. Some Mainers, this author included, enjoy a good bit of snow to track deer. It enhances a hunt, especially for those who get antsy stump sitting day after day. We can admit a bone chilling morning can make one second guess getting out of bed, but cold days can get deer moving; thus giving a hunter a better chance at catching a day walker. PS: 41 degrees isn't too bad.

Yes, hunting deer in Maine can be challenging, especially in the remote Big Woods. But isn't the challenge a component to what makes a hunt fun, and exciting? I wonder what these guys would think of our tradition of dragging deer out of the woods whole.

If you're curious, New York topped the list of the worst deer hunting states.

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