The view from the top ain't bad. According to Thrillist, who put together a "definitive" and "final" list of all 50 states in the country, they believe Maine is the runner-up for the title as "greatest state in the country". Ok then.

Thrillist has become known for releasing various rankings based on food, drink, travel, history, crime, and well, anything else you could possibly think of. Even Thrillist realized they've done so many of these rankings that they should consider combining all of them and coming up with one final ranking.

Maine rolls in as 2nd best behind Michigan, who apparently has marginally better coastline, somehow rivals Maine in beer deliciousness, and as a state is happy to ignore Kid Rock exists. It feels like this battle could have gone either way, but losing to Michigan doesn't feel like a gut punch.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the next closest state in New England is Vermont rolling in at #17. So Maine is clearly the champion of this region and the prettiest runner-up in any competition ever. Let's eat some lobster and drink some craft beer to celebrate. It's not cliche or anything.

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