Are you ready to POWER UP with AC/DC? The boys are back, recharged, and ready to go. Brian Johnson is back after dealing with his hearing loss issues. Phil Rudd is back on drums after dealing with his drug and threatening charges. And Cliff Williams has come out of retirement. Angus Young is back in his schoolboy outfit with his Gibson SG at his side. We had heard the band was making music in Vancouver of the past year and we finally get to hear the fruits of their labor. "Shot In the Dark" is the first single, and we've been testing you with 30 kick-ass rock and roll seconds of it the past week of so. The Blimp gets the whole song on Wednesday the 7th and we will be doing AC/DC Then and Now double shots at the top of every hour all day long. You'll hear the new song and a classic song. We're suspending our WBLM "No Repeat Workday" for this major Blimp event!



Here's the clip of Shot In The Dark. Hear the whole thing on AC/DC Day!

The last time AC/DC released a studio album was back in 2004 with Rock or Bust


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