OK amateur detectives, the Westbrook Police Department are looking for your help in finding this person. This shot is from the Market Basket this past Sunday.
From the Westbrook PD Facebook Page:
"The Westbrook Police Department is seeking your help with identifying the female in the surveillance photo below. The female was at Market Basket on 2/22/21 and left in the truck also shown in the surveillance photo below. Take note that the Chevy truck has an extended cab, running boards, and an off color cap."
Westbrok PD
Westbrok PD
I'm thinking this truck won't be too hard to find-it's pretty unique looking. If you have any information to help the Westbook PD identify this female or the owner of the truck, please contact Officer Mandeville at the Westbrook Police Department, 207-854-2531 extension# 2548.



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