Last night the 2 Dine In driver had just dropped off our order of Vietnamese food when there was a knock at the door. Maybe he forgot to give us something? Mark answered the door and found a cute bag announcing that we had been "Booed". What is that? I don't know, but there's candy so I love it.

We read the enclosed card:

Booed card

I'm all in. This is kind of fun, and it's especially nice because we are fairly new to the neighborhood, we live on a hill as the only house in our cul de sac and we are only starting to know our neighbors. This was a kind way of reaching out and including us. Our kids loved it.

Basically, a bag, bucket or other container of Halloween toys, treats and surprises is dropped off at your door with a notice that you have been Booed. You then make a couple copies of it and pay it forward, dropping off boo bags to two more neighbors. There's also a boo card that you put on your door so that others will know you've already been booed.

We've been booed

I want to make sure that I do this right, so I fired up the Google machine and it took me to Turns out that this is pretty simple; you don't have to continue to participate according to the site, but you can also choose to boo more than two houses. I think that I'll boo a few houses in our old neighborhood too. We had some epic Halloween parties there.

Do you like to take part in things like this? Comment on our Fan Page.

I think it's fun, especially because we have kids. Another neighbor had a pumpkin carving pot luck yesterday. I like it here. :)

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