...and since we've got a killer-classic Doors show from 1970 for this weekend's WBLM Saturday Night Concert Series (7:00 pm), we thought a look back at how often The Lizard King was actually arrested was called for. What was the true count or have Jim's adventures with the Men In Blue been exaggerated over the years? Here ya go:


Arrest #1: 1963, Florida State University -- While drunk on wine, Jim decided to mock the crowd and players during a football game which led to the cops charging him with the usual: resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, etc.

Arrest #2: 1966, Jim was charged with sexual assault on a teenage girl; the story actually was that he got out of his car, kissed a girl walking by, got back in the car and headed off to the California desert.

Arrest #3: 1967, the onstage arrest during the now legendary New Haven, Connecticut show during which Jim's taunting of the cops led to charges of inciting a riot.

Arrest #4: 1968, the security at Las Vegas' Pussycat A Go Go were less than amused by Jim's drunken taunting while pretending his cigarette was a joint. Of course, push comes to shove and Jim's taken in for, what else, everybody's go to, disturbing the peace, shouting profanities, yadda yadda...

Arrest #5: The infamous March 1st, 1969 Miami concert -- While pretending to masturbate, fans rush the stage and chaos takes over. Jim turns himself in when he's found guilty of "profanity and public exposure" charges. Before his appeal takes place, he will be found dead in a Paris hotel.

Arrest #6: It's kinda sad that his final arrest (L.A., 1970) was so lame and unnecessary. A totally inebriated Jim passes out on someone's porch and when the homeowner can't wake him, you know what happens. Hello, police and Jim's taken away one last time.

The final real grand total is six, but its Numbers 3, 4 & 5 that tell the tale.


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