It's always interesting to hear what newcomers and out-of-staters think about New Hampshire. Often times, their observations are obvious. For instance, a lifelong Floridian will be shocked by our cold temperatures and fairly short summers. Then there are the less "in your face" things, like how we don't legally have to wear seatbelts and don't have a sales tax.

We previously asked what things shocked people after moving to New Hampshire, and the answers ranged from people stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks, to mud season. You also gotta know the 12 unwritten rules of New Hampshire, as it's important to understand the 411 if you're a Granite State newbie. Then there was the time we talked about the stuff you'll only understand if you live in New Hampshire and things folks say when they hear you're from New Hampshire, cause there are some experiences that only us locals can relate to and understand.

But what about the emblems that make our state unique? There are several people, places, and things that New Hampshire is known for having produced or invented, and out-of-staters know many of them. So, here are 22 things New Hampshire is known for that everyone recognizes, according to the people of Reddit.

What 22 Things From New Hampshire Would Out-of-Staters Recognize?

Now, here are some of the things people say when they hear you're from New Hampshire. How many of these remarks have you heard before?

12 Things People Say When They Hear You're From New Hampshire

Here are some unwritten New Hampshire rules that all Granite Staters know. Do you abide by these?

12 Unwritten New Hampshire Rules That All Granite Staters Know

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