Over the years we have been saddened by the passing of some of our listeners. Last week we here at the Blimp were touched and overwhelmed by the affection that Steve Brown had for our station, and the gifts that he left for us when he passed.

Steve was a down to earth Maine guy who graduated from High School in Windham, class of 1980. He fell in love and married the love of his life, Lisa. The couple decided to create a very special family together and adopted two brothers, Anthony and Daniel, who happened to also be autistic.

Just before Christmas in December of 2015 Lisa and Steve were devastated by a dual cancer diagnosis; Lisa with breast cancer and Steve with cancer of the esophagus. This was not the end of their medical hardships. Lisa had to undergo multiple surgeries to replace both of her knees. One of them twice.

Through all of this Steve and Lisa remained strong and helped others in any way they could right up to Steve's passing.

On Friday a package arrived at WBLM, there was a handmade ashtray from the 80's and a leather BLM belt buckle probably from the late 70's. Patrick Daniels dropped them off at the radio station on behalf of Steve Brown.

Steve Brown

We wanted to share this with you, our listeners, and to thank you for letting us be present in your lives. Whether we have met face to face or not at all, you mean so much to us.

Thank you to Patrick for seeing that these treasures made their way to us. Our hearts go out to him, to Lisa, Anthony, Daniel and all of Steve's friends and family.


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