Here in the Southern part of the state, we really haven't had any significant snow and ice on ours cars in the morning yet. We all know it's coming soon though. This Facebook post from Maine State Police over the weekend shows a real close call.

The incident happened up in Aroostook County. Luckily, no one was injured. But wow what a crack in the windshield, eh. The woman driving the vehicle that wasn't cleaned off, got a summons for a unsecured load.



These photos are a remarkable reminder to make sure our vehicles aren't carrying anything that could let loose and smash someone else cruising down the highway behind us.


We've all seen cars on the way into work after a storm with just a little snow and ice cleared away on the windshield, just enough to peer through.

Sure that person may have been in a big hurry to get out of the driveway and maybe that person has even been you.

We all know better though and absolutely need to take the the extra time to get the rig cleared off entirely before we hit the road.

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