If you've been partying all day, this might be just the question you are qualified to answer! Ask your crew for their input and then each take our poll to answer this ridiculously unimportant question:

Halloween used to be a big party holiday for me back in the day, but now it's all about the kids-write it in on our Fan Page if you want. July 4th is pretty awesome because people come in to town to enjoy the beaches and lakes. The day after Thanksgiving is not officially a holiday, but deserved a mention because everyone is home from college and visiting from out of state. This is also a hook-up holiday. You might not tie-one-on on my birthday, but I do! New Year's Eve is a classic bash, and just look around you, St. Patrick's Day brings out the freaks. Yes, I'm looking at YOU!

Take our poll and comment on our Fan Page. Be safe out there and never drink and drive.

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