Today is Super Tuesday, Maine's first primary in twenty years. Maine is one of 15 jurisdictions voting today for their choice of candidate to represent their party.

WMTW laid out what we need to know about today...

  • The only Republican candidate on the ballot in Maine today is President Donald Trump.
  • Former Gov. of Massachusetts, Bill Weld is running against Trump, but he did not qualify for the Republican primary in Maine. Republicans are allowed to write in a name however.
  • There are 12 names on the Democratic ballot but only five remain in the race, they are: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg.
  • Mainers who voted absentee for a candidate who dropped out of the race are S.O.L.. That was your one vote, you aren't allowed to vote again.
  • Unenrolled voters can enroll in a party at your polling place today, you can also register to vote there. Bring your state I.D., driver's license, passport, paycheck or utility bill that lists your current address. Maine doesn't require proof of citizenship.
  • Polls close at 8pm today.
  • Mainers who are 17 can vote in the presidential primary today as long as they will turn 18 by the general election on November 3rd. However they are not allowed to vote for Question 1.
  • All registered voters in Maine can vote on Question 1 regardless of their party affiliation.
  • The wording of Question 1 is kind of confusing, It's asking Mainers if they want to repeal a law that bans non-medical exemptions of vaccines for children attending school in Maine. Meaning parents can't opt out of their kid's vaccinations for religious or philosophical reasons. Voting Yes, means repealing the law and allowing parents to not vaccinate their kids. Voting No will keep the law that preserves medical exemptions but denies all others-meaning kids are required to be vaccinated.

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