Without a doubt, we're a special type of people, and there's not a lot of people that can handle us or keep up with us, because they often just don't get us. For example, someone can grew up in New England all their life and then move for a job to the middle of the country, and while they'll be accepted by some, they can more often than not just be misunderstood due to how unique we are in New England.

That said, we're still some of the most helpful humans on the planet. It's just that with us, you'll get much more than just a simple answer a lot of times. And that's what a Reddit user and their mother from away recently learned while visiting Maine and asking for advice on wildlife heard at night.

Now, the quick and simple answer is it's either a fox or a fisher cat. And, while surprisingly, some Mainers actually went with that brief and to-the-point answer, a lot more dropped the typical sarcasm in there when helping these people from away out.

Mainers' Sarcastic Answers to Question About Maine Wildlife By People 'From Away'

A Reddit user from away asked Mainers what his mother was hearing outside of her room at night while visiting Maine.

Despite all the sarcasm, the Reddit user was grateful for the help, commenting, "Thanks everyone! She was really spooked by this, she isn’t from Maine (neither am I) so hearing wildlife outside the window is not something we are used to. Glad I can tell her it was just a fox."

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