Blimpsters know they should always keep their eyes peeled for classic rockers, especially in Portland because they really like it here.

Stephanie Grenier of Augusta was pretty sure she ran into one Thursday night at the Merrill Auditorium when she attended a performance of "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County," a musical created by Stephen King, T. Bone Burnett and John Mellencamp.

It turns out that Mellencamp was sitting in the audience and Stephanie snapped a few pics with her cell phone and shared them with the Blimp.

Stephanie also posted a few comments on her Facebook page:

"He was talking to some sound people who were like 10 feet in front of us and then we all finally realized it was him, so he waved and shook a couple hands, then took his seat," she wrote.

While she didn't get a chance to talk to Mellencamp, just seeing him in the Portland theater was a pretty big deal. Thanks for sharing your pics, Stephanie.