Well ain't this just perfect timing, with Valentine's Day this Sunday. And if you're prepping to drop to one knee for your love/Valentine, consider this an early engagement gift for you in your guide to planning your wedding.

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WalletHub is described as a personal finance website that offers free credit scores, reports, and credit improvement. But one thing WalletHub does a lot is use different types of financial data to come up with different lists -- the safest place to live in the country, the most financially stable place in the country, the drunkest state in the country, etc.

Since we're deep into the season of love, WalletHub decided to use their financial stats and expertise to come up with "2021's Best Places to Get Married." Now, while no New England state made the Top 10, there was ONE that reigned supreme over the others, with TWO different appearances in the Top 25.

Before the reveal, by the way, if you're wondering how WalletHub came up with this list, they "used 20 key indicators of wedding-friendliness, ranging from average wedding cost to venues and event spaces per capita to wedding vendors." (According to WalletHub.com).

Do you think you know which New England state made the Top 25 twice? Could it be New Hampshire, because of all the beautiful mountain scenery? Or Vermont for the same reason? It could be Maine -- tons of opportunities for beach weddings and other killer scenery. Maybe Massachusetts or that city feel in Boston, or the beauty of the Berkshires?

According to WalletHub's research -- the great state of Maine is the champion for weddings in New England, with TWO appearances in the Top 25! Lewiston checks in at #16 on the list, and Portland checks in at #25! For comparison, the next New England state doesn't make an appearance until Vermont checks in at #64 with South Burlington.

Source: WalletHub

It's no shock that Lewiston is so high up on the list, when you really think about it. First off, Maine is flat out just beautiful no matter what, but add in the affordable cost and gorgeous wedding venues like Royal Oak Room on Bates St, Agora Grand Event Center on Bates St as well, and the Franco Center on Cedar St, and the fact Lewiston was close to cracking the Top 10 makes perfect sense.

And Portland -- I mean, do I REALLY need to go into detail about one of the best cities in New England, period? Probably even beyond New England, honestly. But really, the options for Portland are ENDLESS, with also affordable spots like Brick South Events & Catering Co at Thompson's Point, Halo at the Point which is also at Thompson's Point, The Portland Masonic Temple on Congress St, Ocean Gateway right on Ocean Gateway Pier (which I'm pretty sure that's where my friend Blair got married like 10 or so years ago), and a ton more options, too.

Do you agree with WalletHub's list when it comes to New England of the best places to get married, or did they get it wrong? Did you get married in either Lewiston or Portland and have an even better place than any of the few I listed?

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