It's Van Halen Week on the Blimp! We are already psyched for the show in Bangor this summer. Add the fantastic and death-defying Jimmy Kimmell appearance this week and all the VH tickets we are giving away and you have VAN HALEN MADNESS!

Which brings us to today's VH Poll for all Van Halen aficionados:

What's the better Van Halen Album....'VH II' or 'Women and Children First'?

Warner Bothers Records

The second VH album was released in 1979 and had two hits-"Dance the Night Away" and "Beautiful Girls." It's a damn good party record too. VH had found a great formula and stuck to it. Like the first album, there's a cover "You're No Good", and a cool Eddie guitar instrumental..."Spanish Fly'.

Warner Brothers Records

Women and Children First came out almost exactly a year later in 1980. This album ROCKED. It's a thick one. "And the Cradle will Rock" and "Everybody Wants Some." set the bar for hard rock in the 80's. If Van Halen II was a "make-out" album, then W&CF was the album (or cassette) that you listened to with your buddies going VERY fast in a car VERY late at night.

I'll kick off the voting with one for Women and Children First. I got in to a LOT of trouble while listening...or because I was listening...the this amazing album. Vote and Happy Van Halen Week on the Blimp!