According to WMTW, Belfast hosted the Maine Celtic Celebration. This is where Celtic people and friends who, according to Collins Dictionary, are naturally connected with the people and the culture of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and some other areas such as Brittany, get together and celebrate.

As the article states their were many fun activities and vendors with food and drinks that made the day fantastic. However, a bizarre and unique twist occurred when those who attended were able to compete in cheese rolling.

What the heck is cheese rolling? I became addicted immediately and had to figure out what this competition was.

I don't know if you know this about me, but cheese, is like my Beyoncé. It is queen to me. I love all kinds of cheese. Feta is naturally my favorite because I am Greek. But I enjoy all varieties of the cheese world. So anything that has to do with this delightful treat, I am into.

This rare competition was a big people pleaser at this event and many were intrigued by it.

This is probably the coolest type of event I have ever heard of with chaos, yelling, screaming, shoving, running all for cheese. Rolling cheese up and down hills to beat other runners is pretty epic.

So many different things popped into my head, are they rolling huge barrels of cheese, are they climbing inside of the cheese? Do they have to eat the cheese while they're rolling it.

I dove in further with my theories and found out that you had to roll wheels of cheese and who ever got it past the finish line won.

If I had played this game, you would've seen me taking many breaks on the sidelines, licking my fingers and the cheese. I would've been too distracted to compete.

There were all different age divisions for females and males. But, the coolest part is you had to like, physically fight for the cheese!

One competitor said,

“I was pretty much in it. I got it. I got in a few blows. I did some diving, I did some shoving,”

Miles Cannon, men’s 18-40 division

The article also states that it got a little crazy when competitors were fighting for the cheese.

The cheese rolling champion, Jessie Nushrow, for the woman's divisions 18-40 said,

“There was a lot of nerves and anxiety. Would I make it up the hill in time to get the cheese? Would I get the cheese? And you know what? I just decided it would probably be best to just frickin' go for it anyway

Jessie Nushrow

Congratulations to all who competed and participated in the coolest event I have ever heard of.

The best part? According to the article, all winners went home with, you guess it, a wheel of State of Maine cheese!

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