I was grabbing takeout at one of my favorite sushi spots the other day. However, every time I step foot into that joint, it briefly takes me back to a time when I wasn't going there for Japanese cuisine.

The place I'm referencing is the extremely popular Yosaku on Danforth Street in Portland. It truly is delicious. Whether it's the sushi or freshly made noodle dishes, you will enjoy your meal.

But this is a post about Italian food, specifically from the same building where Yosaku now reigns supreme. This delicious Italian food came from a restaurant named Giobbi's. Or, as my brother and I remember it, the greatest restaurant in the world.

Opened by the Giobbi family in 1970, and then run by Archie Giobbi, this family fixture was a Portland staple for 31 years. The menu was loaded with Italian classics, as well as some fun and creative dishes.

While places like the Village Cafe, Hu Shang, and DiMillo's got most of the attention, Giobbi's kept up with a reputation for great food, ambiance, and service. And believe me, I should know. My family practically lived there.

A year wouldn't go by with numerous trips to Giobbi's for birthday parties, celebrations, meals after games, or just nice nights with family. Heck, I still remember what my brother and I ordered every single time, because it was basically the same.

My brother would get the Italian PuPu Platter. This was basically the precursor to Olive Gardens Tour of Italy, but way better. As we remember, this dish had angel hair pasta, lasagna, meatballs, sausage, and probably something else. It was a monster plate of deliciousness.

As for me, I would order their world famous...wait for it...cheese pizza (I was a bit picky as a kid). This pizza was the bomb. And what made it more special was the parmesan cheese on the table, which I would use liberally.

This was also a restaurant where I definitely ordered a Shirley Temple or two. Man, those were the days.

I loved Giobbi's for their food. But I also loved it because it's where my family shared a lot of great memories. And as I get older, it's good to be able to look back and remember those truly great experiences. Plus, their food was really good.

I miss Giobbi's just like I miss Hu Shang, Carbur's, and so many others. That's why, if you look below, you can find a list of many of the places that have sadly gone but are certainly not forgotten.

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