There's a reason it seems like we write a lot of articles about Binga's in Windham, Maine.

Part of it is because, yes, like we always say, their signs are absolutely hilarious. Whether it's a joke about everyone becoming better looking with more tequila, or even making an insult about them on social media into a sign, the staff at Binga's just "gets it" when it comes to entertainment.

The other part is, there's so much to write about Binga's because Binga's just keeps doing so much that it's honestly kind of easy.

Google Maps / Sonia Sanmartin
Google Maps / Sonia Sanmartin

Binga's New Discount Deal

Yesterday, there was an article that talked about a brand new, hilarious, and unique way that customers could save 10% off their bill at Binga's. And it honestly couldn't be more simple.

All any customer has to do is on their way in, do some kind of random dance. It can be something professional, it can be something made up, but as long as it makes the staff laugh, you'll get 10% off your bill.

It literally couldn't be easier.

And if you had any doubt that Binga's would hold up their end of the deal, they proved it late last night/early this morning when they dropped a video highlighting some of the customers that walked in and shook...well...whatever they decided to randomly shake to try and score some money off their tab.

So, if you needed proof, there it is.

Also, can we give extra props to the woman that not only did a silly dance walking in the door as requested by Binga's, but she came off like one of those wacky wild inflatable flailing tube thingies that you usually see at car dealerships during special deals, while wearing a sweater covered in smiley faces?

Binga's via TikTok
Binga's via TikTok

And honestly, it's the shrug she does at the end like, "Meh, why not?" that's just amazing.

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