If you look at the crime rates for each state in the country, you'll find that New England states consistently rank at the top of list for the lowest crime rates.

According to ConsumerAffairs.com, all six New England states are all together for lowest crime rates:

1. New Jersey
2. New Hampshire
3. Maine
4. Massachusetts
5. Vermont
6. Connecticut
7. Rhode Island
8. Idaho

That might explain why there's been a influx of people moving here since the pandemic. Less people, less crime.

But let's concentrate on Maine for a moment. Why exactly is the crime rate so low here in Maine compared to other parts of the country.

The YouTube channel World According To Briggs did a deep dive into what makes Maine so safe by analyzing crime statistics, strategies Maine has used to keep crime rates low, and Maine's proactive approaches to crime prevention.

For us who live in Maine, we've always known Maine to be safe. We never locked our doors and left our keys in the car growing up. It wasn't until I move to a larger city that I started locking everything up. But I still bet no one would break into my house if I left the door unlocked.

Some takeaways from this video to look for:

  • Maine's population density, the number of people per square mile in the state, is low.
  • Maine has a strong sense of community
  • Maine has a relatively low poverty rate

The video goes deeper into those bullet points.

The only thing disappointing about the video is how nearly every shot of Maine is in Portland. I get it though. It's stock footage, and the rest of the world only seems to know the Maine along the coast, so you'll get lots of Portland Head Light and downtown Portland. Sorry Mexico, Maine.

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