For decades, we've been hearing that 5 PM is an "acceptable" time to have your first alcoholic beverage.  Since quitting time for some many regular (9 to 5) workers is the end of the work day, it makes sense.

Apparently, this is not true around the Holidays.  At least not here in Maine.

According to a press release from White Hot PR, recently did a survey about the appropriate time to start drinking.  The survey of over 3,000 people from across the country found that around the Holidays, the residents of Maine feel that it is perfectly acceptable to have their first beer, Jack and Coke, or boozy eggnog (ick) at precisely 2:03 PM.

Some of us do feel that it is okay to start drinking way earlier than 2 PM, though.  The survey found that 20% of Mainers will okay with having a drink before Noon during the Christmas season.

The national average for a first drink around Christmas and the other Holidays is 2:42 PM.

With the exception of that 20% who have a cocktail before lunch, Maine is not the earliest state when it comes to imbibing during the Holidays, thought.  The survey found that the average Alaskan thought it was perfectly fine to have a drink at 12:30 PM.

The State of Hawaii sits at the other end of the spectrum.  The spectrum found that Hawaiians were perfectly fine with waiting until 4:11 PM to have their first drink., an online resource for finding drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation centers, reminds you that over indulging in alcohol can lead to serious health problems.  Please drink responsibly.

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