General Manager Bill Belichick pounced upon the free agent season yesterday with a ferocity unlike we Patriots fans have ever seen. I was surprised that today's move with Hunter Henry didn't happen earlier, but now I think I've figured out why the chips fell the way they did.

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants
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The latest bombshell move for Belichick (The GM) is acquiring the former LA Charger Henry, pairing him with yesterday's gigantic signing of fellow tight end Jonnu Smith from Tennessee.

It is all about the leverage!

It is well known that Belichick has admired Henry's ability from Day One. Just look at him in the picture on Mike Reiss' tweet!

One of the most amusing things about Bill Belichick is that he shows little emotion in most aspects of everyday life, but when he really likes a player? He cannot contain himself!

He had a very similar man-crush on Hall Of Fame strong safety Ed Reed (Baltimore Ravens) for years and he treats these players more like a fan than the typically stoic and grumpy Belichick that we're all used to seeing.

I have to think that acquiring Jonnu Smith first (along with about $150 million dollars in other free agent signings) would help encourage Henry to come to New England for a more reasonable price.

If Belichick went to him first, knowing how much he adores him, he may have broke the bank!

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