This is not a stock photo, this is my dining room wall and that is a working landline phone. My old timey landline phone brings me great joy because it rings super loud, I can hear clearly with it and it is a novelty to watch kids try to phone home to ask if they can stay for dinner.

A dwindling number of Mainers have landlines, everyone is so attached to their cell phones. But let me make a case for the good old landline phone. Hey, even the Saturday Evening Post is onboard, here are some of the pros of having a landline according to their article:

  • The cost of having one when bundled up with your cable and internet is miniscule.
  • My landline phone works during power outages when I sometimes can't charge my cell phone.
  • 911 can track my call in an emergency, that's not always true with a cell phone.
  • Sometimes my cell phone gets bad reception IN MY OWN HOME, my landline rocks.
  • Landlines connect to your home security system's emergency call center. There are options for cell phones, but then we are back to spotty reception, dead batteries and all of that.
  • There's usually no contract to have a landline. Been stuck in a cell phone contract that you have to wait out? It kinda sucks.

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