You'd swear the opening scenes of this video were shot from above in Alaska. Nope. This is from way up north here in Maine. It's the Can Am International Dog Sled Race on our border with Canada at Fort Kent.


In our house, we love huskies. Actually, we love all doggos. I had no idea this about this awesome event. My son tells me these are Alaskan huskies in the video and they love to mush. We have a Siberian husky. She loves to run as well, but is too small be part of a team like this. I'll probably show her this video just to tease her and be a dink.

Thank you to our friend, videographer and all around wicked excited Maine guy, Jeremy Grant for braving the elements up in the County and covering the race.

Jeremy Grant via Facebook

He consistently produces incredible film work. His stuff is like something we'd expect to see on NatGeo...for real!

Here's more about the Can Am International Dog Sled Race from Jeremy Grant.

"Over the passed few days there has been an epic battle taking place in Northern Maine. The 28th annual Can Am Crown International Dog Sled race has been underway! For those of you who have never heard of it or have never paid much attention to this event let me start by saying you are missing out! The main race is a 250 mile dog sled race through the Maine wilderness starting and ending in Fort Kent. This is a 3-4 day trail of wit deturmations and relationship between musher and dog as they battle head first into below zero weather raging snow storms and endless miles of thick Maine woods!! I have always wanted to see this and had lost track of when it was happen until a friend of mine sent me a message Friday morning telling me he was going to be there. So last minute I packed up my gear and headed up North to trug through the forest and wait at remote trail crossing to try and see this race the way the racers where experiencing it. It was a long tiring and cold weekend but I would do it again in a minute!!! I hope you enjoy I'm already making plans for next year! Make sure to follow me on for more of the adventure! Also a massive thank you to J.P.s Guide service for hooking me up with an amazing cabin to stay at on the Allagash for the event!"