As the warmer weather has been happening more and more, my family and I have made it a point to get outside and have some fun.

Some of the things we've been up to lately on the weekends are hikes in the woods and going disc golfing.

I even bought my own set of official discs that include a driver, a midrange and a putter. Mostly because as a health precaution, they weren't available for rental.

But, hey.  You know what? Now I feel like a legit disc golfer, for sure.

Today I became aware of another destination for good times with the family outdoors. It also involves doing our best to stay under par.

When we get there, we'll be using a club and balls instead of little flying discs and the environment will likely be a bit more invigorating than merely enjoying the birds and warm breezes.

How does playing miniature golf in a park filled with wicked big animatronic dinosaurs sound to you?

The place to do just that is at Raptor Falls on Route One in Arundel, Maine.

According to their Facebook page, they are back open for play today.

It's gonna be kinda freaky having life-like dinosaurs moving their heads and roaring at at us as we try and make our shots. Sounds like a major blast to us!

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