No one won the Mega Millions Jackpot last night, so the amount should rise to over ONE BILLION DOLLARS for the Friday Night Drawing. This will be the second-highest jackpot in Mega Millions history.

Pile of Money
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Earlier this week, the Captain and Celeste bought a ticket and decided to go in with four of listeners. We interviewed lots of listeners to see who we liked and who was worthy...and trustworthy.

Celeste plunked down the two bucks. She picked a number. Captain picked a number. Then listeners Sandy, Tony, Mary Beth, and Bobby picked their numbers. We were now forever connected. Alas, NONE of our numbers came up on Tuesday's Mega Millions drawing.

So now the dilemma. Should we stay with the same group with our numbers again for the next drawing (you know, the BILLION $$$$ one), or start over with new listeners and new numbers? Listen to the WBLM Morning Show today as the Captain and Celeste decide.

You can forward to about the 16-minute mark in this podcast to hear what we decided, and hear from our listeners. Or just enjoy the whole thing!

You all are loyal to us, so we are going to stay loyal to our group! That's 160+ million dollars for each of the group WHEN we win on Friday night.

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