It's pretty safe to say that Zachary Fowler is a network TV competition pro, right? I mean, how do you NOT call someone a pro when they're already $500,000 richer after conquering the History Channel?

A few years ago, Zachary, who is a native of Vermont but moved to Coastal Maine and settled in Union to become a wooden boat builder, competed on Season 3 of the History Channel show "Alone." And the title of the show pretty much lists the entire premise -- contestants are dropped off at a remote location, alone (except for Season 4 where they eventually met up with a family member after locating them in the woods to finish the competition off as pairs), and try to be the contestant who survives the longest. The contestant who survives the longest wins a $500,000 grand prize.

Zachary, according to his YouTube page, caught and cooked 63 fish and 2 birds during his 87-day stay in Patagonia, outlasting the entire rest of the cast of contestants to take home the half-million. He actually re-enacted the 87-day stay on his YouTube channel once he was back home in Maine, to show viewers the details of how he survived that long (since a lot of his efforts were edited due to time constraints on the show to cover the other contestants as well.)

And, according to the Portland Press Herald, Zachary is back at it again with his competition show ways, this time trying to score $100,000 TONIGHT on the TBS show, "Go-Big Show." He's being billed as "Union, Maine's Slingshot Savant" for his appearance tonight, which was pre-recorded.

The show is basically a spin on America's Got Talent, but next level, with contestants showing off their special skills or weird, random talents. And I mean, there is NOTHING off-limits. I was actually flipping through channels last weekend and came across an episode that was on, and a woman laid down on a board of legitimate nails, and then took it one step further and had one of the show's judges, pro wrestler from All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes, STAND ON HER WITH HIS FULL BODY WEIGHT (which he said was something like 230 pounds, maybe?)

Zachary's episode of "Go-Big Show" airs tonight at 9p on TBS, and here's hoping he gets the go-ahead from the judges (Cody, rapper Snoop Dogg, country artist Jennifer Nettles, and actress Rosario Dawson) to move onto the finale, where he could score $100,000.

Go get 'em, Zachary! And like Ralphie Parker's mom said in "A Christmas Story" -- don't shoot your eye out!

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