Here at the Blimp we pay THOUSANDS of dollars in royalties to all the amazing artists and musicians for the rights to play them on air. For example,  did you know that Sting make $3000 every DAY on the royalties from "Every Breath You Take". That's one song!

Now here's you chance to get in on the action. Because all this month we're going to give YOU the royalty check.

Two chances every day to win $1000. Now, to make this all happen it means we are going to have to NOT play a different artist each day so that we can give your THEIR royalty check instead. For Monday, it's Steve Miller. Sorry Steve old buddy, it's just for one day! Plus we'll make it up to him by playing a Steve Miller Mini Concert on Tuesday.

In case you DO want to write a hit song and make thousands of dollars every year on that song, here's a list of the Richest Songs of All Time. 

Good Luck...either winning the $1000 each day or on that hit song you're working on!


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