This concert trip is BIG! It's TEXAS SIZED! 

WBLM was the first to play Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle on the radio in Portland. In the summer of 1987 the Captain remembers, "I was driving across the Million Dollar Bridge listening to the Blimp and on comes this sinister, reverberating, guitar riff followed by an otherworldly, blood curdling siren of a howl and I was like WTF! This is scaring the hell outta me and it's amazing!" Our sentiments exactly, Captain. Now here we are 30 years later and after years of being apart  Axl, Slash and Duff are back! According to Billboard, their Not In This Lifetime Tour  has grossed over $230 Million since it's launch in April of 2016. This historic tour continues this year and BLM wants you to get it BIG in TEXAS! If you win, we'll fly you and a bud there, put you up in a swanky hotel, get you great seats up close and much more!

Listen during the No Replay Workday at 3:30 on the BLM Afternoon Express for the Guns N' Roses Word of the Day. When you hear it, come back here and enter the word  for your chance to win this Ultimate Guns N' Roses Concert Experience!

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