Windhm Police
Windham Police

This just in from our local heroes at the Windham Police Department. They are desperately looking for the driver of this dump truck as they believe the driver may have seen what happened around a fatal crash.


"On 11/13/18, at about 6:38 am, a fatal traffic accident occurred in Windham, in the area of 149 Tandberg Trail, also identified as Rt. 115.  The dump truck was operating towards Standish, away from the direction of Gray, in the immediate area of the traffic crash.

      This dump truck was directly behind the Toyota Prius involved in the traffic crash.  The driver would have witnessed the accident occur directly in front of them.  The truck actually stopped for a brief period of time after the crash, but left the area before the Windham Police arrived.

      The Windham Police are seeking to identify and interview the truck’s driver, to determine the details of what the driver saw.  We are asking the driver to identify themselves to either Detective Paul Cox at 207 892-1919, ext. 4417 or Det. Sgt. Jason Andrews at 207 892-1919, ext. 4229."




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