According to News Center MaineAmericorps and  Husson University have made over 300 window inserts to give to low income families in an effort to save on their heating costs and keep them warmer this winter. The program will help at least 50 Maine families.

I had never heard of window inserts, but they are so simple, easy to make and use that anyone with drafty windows should take advantage of them through Window Dresser, a non-profit that teaches people to make them.

The window inserts provide two dead air spaces to create extra insulation on windows. The soft foam in their frame make them easy to slide in and pull out again and can be reused for five to ten years. Each is custom made by the homeowner and that saves on labor costs.

Maine's long winters can be brutally cold, and staying warm in our older homes can be difficult. What do you do to button up your home or warm it in the winter? Any fans of pellet stoves or heat pumps out there? Comment on our Fan Page.


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