This cat's 'rolls' speaks for many of us.


Herman passed away last year but has recently become a sensation over on Reddit. His person, Katrina misses him terribly. But it's nice that he's having his 15 minutes of fame on Reddit for this sweet picture.

Katrina Hart

See, it's adorable when a cat sits in a chair and has this happen. When WE sit in a chair and this happens, not so adorable.

Herman was a sweet cat who loved his chair.

Katrina Hart

Herman looks like a handsome almost slim kitty at this angle. He has learned that the best photo is if you are looking up...not relaxed sitting in your favorite chair.

Reddit loves Herman. One comment was "My humps, my humps my lovely little humps..." - Catbert Humperdinck. Another said, 'If you ran your hand across them it would be like a flubbidadubbida noise.' Or this one, 'Do they fall to the ground and turn into small kittens?'

Thanks Herman...I hope you are up in kitty heaven sitting in a big hardwood chair with homemade rolls.



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