On any given day, there are plenty of things one might see in Portland that would cause a double take. Typically, those things have nothing to do with nuts. Mainly, one giant nut on wheels. But Thursday was a little different in the Old Port, because Planters brought their notorious NUTmobile to Portland.

Jeff Grundy
Jeff Grundy

Shared by Jeff Grundy, the NUTmobile is Planters version of door-to-door advertising in a modern world. The unique vehicle drives all around the country to hand out free samples of classic and new Planters products and often times doles out merchandise as well. More often than not, you'll find the NUTmobile as a featured attraction at events, concerts or expos. Since most of those types of events are on hiatus, the NUTmobile is currently touring the country for quick day visits in popular cities.

The NUTmobile actually has been visiting Maine for a few days. It's been spotted throughout Portland, in front of Miccuci's Grocery and parked in front of the Hampton Inn as well.


Unfortunately for those who love nuts, Thursday wasn't exactly an ideal day to be strolling through the Old Port. Chilly winds along with off and on showers dampened the enthusiasm to grab a mouthful of nuts. There is some good news however. There's a very good chance one of them will make their way back to Maine this summer when there will certainly be a lot more nut lovers out and about. If you're interest, Planters offers up a "nut tracker" that maps out when NUTmobiles will visit certain cities and states ahead of time.

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