It looked bad. HORRIBLE bad. Like, death bad. And thankfully, at least as of this writing, despite a couple of hospital trips, everyone involved is safe and sound.

Brunswick, Maine 295 Crash

The crash around Mile Marker 27 on the southbound side of 295 in Brunswick yesterday afternoon that NEWS CENTER Maine reported happened a little after 4p was unlike anything I've ever seen before. And I've seen and heard about some messed up stuff.

NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube
NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube

Massachusetts Crash on 93 Years Ago

Honestly, seeing the crash on 295 yesterday looked so bad that it reminded me of something I didn't even realize I saw easily over a decade ago. I worked a split shift as a traffic reporter and my first shift started at 5:30a, which meant I was on the road driving from Salem, New Hampshire to Medford, Massachusetts early.

Along the way one early morning, I had seen a couple of ambulances, fire truck, and police cruisers pulled off to the side of the highway, along with what looked like possible spilled products from a truck or something scattered across the roadway.

I didn't think much of it until I got to work and a co-worker asked if I drove by some kind of incident on 93. After saying yes, he mentioned that someone jumped off an overpass into an ambulance that was driving down the highway.

It was at that moment I realized what I saw wasn't spilled products from a truck. It was the aftermath of what had happened. And that image has stuck with me ever since.

Thankfully, the incident yesterday afternoon wasn't anything like that, but it definitely triggered those memories. But 295 in Brunswick yesterday truly looked like something out of an action movie.

Driving by everything while on the northbound side, there were cars both off to the side and in the middle of the highway. There were multiple cars that looked like they had been involved in a crash, along with a tractor-trailer, and the craziest sight of all -- two box trucks back-to-back blocking the entire highway.

On top of that, one of the box trucks was missing its entire hood and was resting against a bent and twisted guardrail with its engine and other parts exposed. Behind all that, a cluster of cars literally parked on the highway with drivers either visibly annoyed or walking around the highway.

NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube
NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube

According to NEWS CENTER Maine, one of the drivers mentioned the solar glare from the setting sun caused him to start slowing down on 295 since he couldn't see, which led to him being rear-ended and set off the chain reaction of insanity that happened and was left as I was driving by.

Again, thankfully (and somehow), no one was fatally injured. Which means this was a scary and expensive (for those involved) lesson and reminder to be extra careful on the roads, especially since we know the white stuff will be falling from the sky sooner than most of us want it to.

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