WGME reports that the town of York is preparing for summer tourist season with safety in mind by offering drive-through Coronavirus testing.

York is a beautiful place to visit, and during the summer they experience a population boom thanks to a very healthy tourism industry. This year feels different because of COVID-19; so in an effort to prevent it's spread through visitors, they are offering drive-through COVID-19 testing from June 1st through the end of July.

York Hospital found the perfect central site for the drive-through testing, the parking lot of York High School. The location is ideal for folks traveling into town and a big shout out to the city, the high school and York Hospital for putting this together in an effort help control the spread of the virus in Maine.

According to WGME's report, the site will be able to provide testing to 50 to 100 people a day. Maine has plans to expand testing guidelines for people who want to be tested. The availability of testing supplies is the biggest concern.

Patients would have to have an order for the test to receive one at York's drive-through clinic where they would be swabbed right in their car and drive away.

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