A new company called Scavenge Portland has a new way to enjoy Portland.


Scavenge Portland offers up a 3 hour scavenger hunt with a mini pub crawl! Because as you look for things - you're gonna get thirsty!

According to their website:

You can sign up as an individual, group, or customize your own private event. As you go on your journey, you will need to take pictures, find items, and have a wicked awesome time.


$3 Dewey's is the starting point! You are given a scavenger hunt list, itinerary, and put into groups (depending on the # of people). Since this is new, there is only one session, on Saturdays from 3 pm - 6 pm. There are 2 rounds lasting 1 hour each, with 30 minutes at a new stop to grab a drink.

At the end of the night you meet at a final bar, see how you did, laugh at all the things you found and talk about what fun you had!


Kind of a cool concept to explore Portland in a different way!


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