We should always be supporting local businesses when we can but especially so during the holidays. We should also be doing our absolute best to uplift our community to help with losses that have been faced during the pandemic.

I know it’s too easy to go on Amazon and order your pet toys or get your food delivered to your door but Maine has its very own local pet shop right here in Portland.

The Fish & Bone is a Maine-based business on Commercial Street that prides itself in foods and treats that are hand-chosen to give your pet the healthiest, best food it can get. They don’t use any artificial dyes, flavors, preservatives, or by-products. Rather, they use human-grade whole-named protein sources because your four-legged friend deserves the best!

While you support a local business, the shop supports local shelters year-round.

If you go step into the store in person, you’ll find bins for donations that get brought to shelters in the community or you can check out their website for opportunities throughout the year to donate online.

For the holiday season, you can stuff a stocking for a shelter pup or kitty for only $10 each! All you have to do is select the Stuffed Stocking option, add it to your cart, and The Fish & Bone with handle the rest.

According to their website, the shop stuffs 200 stockings every holiday season for homeless pets and delivers them to local shelters. The stockings include a toy to play with, a healthy chew to keep them entertained, and treats so they know they’ve been a good doggo or kitty.

You donate for the stocking and the shop delivers them on time for Christmas!

‘Tis the season for giving, even for four-legged friends!

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