We've all heard of Stephen King by now and if you've seen "Graveyard Shift," you may recognize this building. Most of the movie takes place in an old mill, about 200 years old, in fact.

Bartlettyarn's Mill is located in Harmony, Maine. In other words, the middle of nowhere.

In the movie, it's an old yarn mill that's overcome by ravenous rats that slowly murder the night crew. However, in the real world, it's a yarn mill that mass produces wool and claims it is "the oldest operating mule spun woolen mill since 1821," according to Bartlettyarn's website.

If you were hoping for your nightmares to come true, sorry, no vicious vermin here!


For anyone who may be interested in touring the facility, they state clearly on their website that tours are only available on two dates out of the entire year with no exceptions whatsoever. Those tours are available on August 3 and 4, this year as a part of their open house!

Also, if you're looking to check "Graveyard Shift" out, you can find it on Hulu right now!

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