With all the excitement surrounding Lynyrd Skynyrd's return to Blimpville for one last time last weekend, we thought their Maine fans had to see this! Her name is Leah Finkelstein and she grew up in Southern Maine. Leah's in a band called Systyr 'Skin-'nerd an all-female tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd outta LA. Girls rockin' Skynyrd? We're friggin' all in dude!

This video is only about a minute long and will absolutely wow you! Watch her precisely killing the Call Me The Breeze piano solo. We are confident that the late great Billy Powell would approve.


Here's more about Leah Finkelstein:

When Leah was a student at Cape Elizabeth High School, she used sing with friends at the old Wrong Brothers' Pub on open mic nights which led to playing like a million gigs all over Greater Portland. She went on to form a band and named it Dear Claudia in honor of her mom who sadly, passed away in 2005 after a battle with cancer.

After great success locally, Leah was contacted by a producer of the TV show Weeds about maybe using her music in an episode. It was then that she and her husband decided to take the plunge and move to LA.

When they got there, it didn't take long for Leah to get a gig performing at a bar in Burbank. This led to meeting musical kindred spirits, Karen Volpe and Heather Stewart. In the fall of 2013, these three talented ladies formed a music comedy trio called The Boobé Sisters parodying 60s girl groups. They got busy with gigs all over LA and had a residency at a lounge in Sherman Oaks called The Cork. All this led to appearing on  America's Got Talent in 2016. The Boobé Sisters  were one of 350 acts selected out of 50,000 to appear in front of Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel.


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