Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute, there are bad drivers everywhere. Yes, people think that drivers in Massachusetts are bad, but I am not going to lie to you, I have seen some bad drivers in New Hampshire and Maine too. They are everywhere, no need to talk about who is worse.

There is yet another thing that drivers in New England have in common, and that is that there are some bizarre driving laws throughout the states.

AAA's Northeast Magazine posted about the most bizarre driving laws in the country and let me tell you, drivers education did not teach me about these laws, granted some seem pretty straight forward. Do you think you know the weird driving laws in your state?

Let's get into them, shall we?


Did you know that if you own cattle and are guiding them across the road that you technically have the right-of-way? That's right, without a cross walk or cattle, a person does not have the right-of-way to cross the street, but with cattle cars need to come to a stop for you.


If you are in the market for a new car, well then you will not want to go car shopping on a Sunday. According to AAA, in the state of Maine it is illegal to sell a motor vehicle on a Sunday.

In one part of Maine, South Berwick, it is illegal to park in front of Dunkin' Donuts, according to AAA.


If you ever wanted a horse to take you around Massachusetts, then it is important to know about this law. AAA states that it is illegal to travel on the roads with a sleigh or a sled drawn by a horse unless there is a minimum of three bells attached to the horse's harness.

If you ever find yourself in Milford, MA, make sure not to go looking in people's car windows. You guessed it! That is against the law.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire's "bizarre" law, seems to just be common sense. According to AAA, it is against the law to inhale car fumes with the intent of inducing euphoria.

Rhode Island

Here is another law if you own a horse... according to AAA, RI law states that you cannot ride a horse on a highway for the purpose of testing the speed of the horse or racing. However, if you do decide to do this, you will be fined $20.

AAA also states that it is illegal to operate a motorized tricycle on the interstate.

Again, drivers education definitely did not teach me these laws. Did you know about these strange laws?

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