Daddy O's Restaurant has been serving the Oxford Hills area for 15 years, originally opening down by Oxford Plains Speedway and later moving to the Oxford Plaza. Fun fact: The space they are in used to be a Shop 'n Save that I worked at in high school. Daddy O's is in what used to be the liquor section.

Daddy O's became so popular that they recently opened a new location at Five Corners in Mechanic Falls. People love Daddy O's and for good reason. Not only is the food amazing, but it feels like an old-fashioned diner from the 50s and 60s. It's really something you should experience for yourself.

Someone recently experienced it for themselves and decided they liked it so much that they swiped something from Daddy O's in Oxford to take home with them.

Daddy O's has many of the walls of the restaurant covered with license plates. Real license plates, mostly from Maine and other New England states. Some date way back too. You're likely to see one of almost every kind of plate ever issued by the State of Maine up on the wall.

On July 29, Daddy O's posted on their Facebook page that over their 15 years of existence, no one had ever stolen a license plate off the wall until now. For whatever reason, someone decided to pull a plate off the wall and take it with them. Why? That's a really good question that no one has the answer to.

This is like walking into an antique store and walking away with a piece of history. Why would you do that?

Let's hope that whoever took it is reading this right now. I'm curious about what use they have for an old license plate.

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