No matter where you go these days, the windows of businesses are filled with HELP WANTED and NOW HIRING signs.  Additionally, these signs often promote the perks of working with that company.  Sign on bonuses, higher than normal pay, flexible schedules...

It would appear that, at least in some ways, one mid-coast Maine pub has them all beat.

According to WABI, the owners of the Whale's Tooth Pub in Lincolnville are providing their employees with affordable housing.

Chris and Martha Nickerson purchased the establishment back in January.  As they began to deal with the staffing issues that nearly every business has had problems with, one thing became clear: potential employees were concerned about being able to find a place to live.

Their solution?  Purchase the former Belfast Breeze Inn and turn it into low cost housing for their employees.

They have renamed the property, which has 21 housing units, the Northport Inn & Lodge.  Two of their employees are already living there and they plan to offer spaces to the employees of other local service businesses.

In a recent interview, Chris said:

We’re sort of do whatever it takes type of owners. This was an acute issue that not only we’re facing but all of our friends are facing as well so we decided to bite the bullet and buy another business right now. So we’re excited about it, we have no regrets, and we’re super focused.

Hats off to the Nickersons for doing something to help solve one of the biggest problems facing Maine.

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